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arc building consulting

Fire Safety engineering

Concept Fire Engineered Designs, Performance Solution Reports, Fire Engineered Solutions, Consultation with FRNSW, Class 2 Design Compliance, Written Fire Safety Inspection Reports, Risk Assessment, etc.

Fire Safety Audits and

Building Fire Safety Audits, Fire Safety Ugrade Strategies, Fire Safety Orders, Voluntary Fire Safety Upgrades, Due Diligence Reports, Combustible Cladding Investigation and Rectification Reports, etc.

Building Regulations

BCA Compliance, BCA Audits, Council Development Control Orders, Council Fire Orders, etc.

Building Code of Australia (BCA)

BCA Assessment Reports, BCA Audits, Pre-DA BCA Reports, Pre-CC BCA Reports, BCA Advice, National Construction Code, etc.

arc building consulting

Annual Fire Safety
Statements (AFSS) and
Fire Safety Schedules (FSS)

Audits to Solve discrepancies in AFSS and performance standards, Liaison with Councils to Update and/or Resolve Inconsistencies in AFSS and FSS, etc.

arc building consulting

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